Sports Vision

Sports Vision

  • Do you wish you could cut a few strokes off your golf score?

  • Does your child always seem to be just a few steps away from the soccer ball?

  • Having trouble returning your tennis partner’s serve?

Vision, just like speed and strength, is an important component in how well you play your sport. Not much happens in sports until your eyes instruct your hands and body as to what to do!

Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center, P.C. will help you reach your athletic goals. From the weekend warrior to the professional athlete to the young new athlete, we provide the visual tools for you to perform with greater accuracy, efficiency and endurance.

Our Sports Vision Program Includes:

Using Sports Vision Therapy to enhance sport performance By Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, Colorado Optometrist in Vision Therapy

Sports Vision Analysis

  • Visual Acuity/Contrast Sensitivity
    Discern detail of an object at all distances.
  • Eye Movement Skills
    Make quick, directed eye movements.
  • Eye Focusing
    Quickly focus on an object at any distance & keep it clear.
  • Depth Perception
    Judge relative distances between objects.
  • Eye-Hand-Body Coordination
    Direct the hands, feet or body efficiently due to visual stimuli.
  • Peripheral Awareness
    Be aware of surroundings while attending to objects straight ahead.
  • Visual Memory
    Remember a fast moving, complex picture of people and things.
  • Visual Reaction Time
    The speed that your brain interprets and reacts to visual stimuli.
  • Visualization Skills
    Seeing yourself performing in your “mind’s eye.”

Sports Vision Therapy to Enhance:

  • Visual/spatial perception
  • Gross/fine motor coordination
  • Balance/equilibrium
  • Speed of visual/motor response

A comprehensive sports vision program can give you THE WINNING EDGE!

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