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3-D Movie Technology Can Make Some Viewers Feel Sick – Vision Therapy Can Help Millions Can’t See
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Vision Therapy Success at Dr. Lynn Hellerstein’s office. 7 year old Gavin starts as a non-reader and in less than 4 months, his reading level is at age level. His confidence is soaring, as his new found passion is writing stories. Listen to Gavin’s newest story on Captain Underpants.

Young student who suffered a brain injury resulting in double vision and visual field loss. Through rehabilitative vision therapy, he now is successful in school and sports

Great success story of an adult after cataract surgery. Through vision therapy, she was able to eliminate her double vision.

Success story of a 5 year old with crossed eyes. With bifocal lenses and vision therapy with Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, he became an excellent reader!

Boosts reading 5 grades, confidence and engagement

Ryan is a classic example of a kid whose distaste for reading disappeared when underlying visual issues were addressed. For Ryan and other children, Dr. Hellerstein’s approach to vision therapy also makes for lots of fun.

Beautiful story of a gifted, twice-exceptional 10 year old, diagnosed with amblyopia. Glasses and patching were prescribed by his ophthalmologist. Best VA was 20/50. The Gifted Development Center referred him to Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, Behavioral optometrist. Now, 4 years later, he sees 20/25. Now he can drive! as well as work to his above level academic potential.


Vision Therapy helps people with visual difficulties relating to a wide range of conditions, skills, and/or symptoms, such as:

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